Occupational Therapy in the Pool

In recognition of National OT month, we thought we might share some insights on what aquatic occupational therapy looks like compared to traditional land-based treatment. Regardless of the setting, occupational therapists rely on one foundation in their treatments, which are the occupations of each client. In pediatrics, play is often the occupation used to provideContinue reading “Occupational Therapy in the Pool”

Officially Certified in the Swim Angelfish Methodology!

TheraSWIM is proud to announce that Susan Hunt, PT, DPT is officially certified in the Swim Angelfish Methodology for teaching swimming lessons to children with autism, sensory processing disorder, and other children with Special Needs.  She is excited to share her growing knowledge with the other swimming instructors, students, and their families.  Juliana, Addie, andContinue reading “Officially Certified in the Swim Angelfish Methodology!”

TheraSWIM Welcomes 2 New Adaptive Swimming Instructors

TheraSWIM is excited to announce that we have added 2 new Adaptive Swimming Instructors to our team!  In addition to our current instructor, Juliana Meik, we are now joined by Addie Luehrs and Ally Wood! Both Addie and Ally are excited to meet their new kiddos and families!  Addie and Ally both have several yearsContinue reading “TheraSWIM Welcomes 2 New Adaptive Swimming Instructors”

Why Do Children with SPD Seek the Water?

              Many parents wonder why their sensory-seeking child craves the water, calms after being in the water, submerges frequently, splashes excessively, or seems exceptionally drawn to the water.  One reason is that the sensations their body receives in the water are significantly increased over what they receive sitting inContinue reading “Why Do Children with SPD Seek the Water?”

Welcome, Juliana Meik!

TheraSWIM is growing….   Introducing Juliana Meik, long time swimming instructor and adaptive lessons teacher.  Juliana will be teaching adaptive swimming lessons and swim safety for TheraSWIM.   She is originally from California, but has lived in Colorado since 2007.  She has been teaching swimming lessons on and off since 1994.  In addition to teaching swimming lessons,Continue reading “Welcome, Juliana Meik!”

Christmas Presents for Kids Who Love Water Play

Christmas is getting so close, I can almost hear Santa’s jingle bells coming!  In the spirit of Christmas, here are 10 gift ideas for children who already love the water or to help your child learn to love the water! Puddlejumper Bathtub crayons Water table Pouring cups Waterproof books Flippers Torpedos Foam letters/numbers Water beadsContinue reading “Christmas Presents for Kids Who Love Water Play”

Can Aquatic PT Improve Scoliosis in Children?

So… Can Aquatic PT improve scoliosis in children?  There is growing evidence that corrective exercises guided by a physical therapist in an aquatic environment can improve spinal curves in children.  A study (1) in 2009 displayed improved thoracic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis in 94 children ages 8-13 with scoliosis.  The children also had increased strengthContinue reading “Can Aquatic PT Improve Scoliosis in Children?”

Aquatic Therapy for Young Children?

Often parents wonder why their child would benefit from being in the water before they are old enough to swim.  How will aquatic therapy work at such a young age?  Does this form of therapy even make a difference if the child can’t even roll or sit up or walk independently yet?   An articleContinue reading “Aquatic Therapy for Young Children?”