Special Olympics

Special Olympics provides programs for athletes with intellectual disabilities aged 2 and up. They offer over 30 sports, including swimming! The sports vary by season and typically involve 8 or 9 weeks of one hour, weekly practices. At the end of the season, every sport has a regional competition and many sports even have a state competition! To register for Special Olympics, visit SpecialOlympicsCO.org/SeasonalRegistration. Summer registration is open until May 31st. Special Olympics swim team can cater to kiddos of all abilities by offering a variety of events, such as water walking, swimming, and assisted events. If you child needs one on one assistance, it is helpful to alert the Special Olympics staff so they can make sure they are on a team with adequate support. Parents of children with sensory sensitivity may want to be aware that practices and meets are often very noisy, crowded, and bright. Overall, Special Olympic swimming is a great recreational activity that allows kiddos to compete on their own level and participate in as part of a team!

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