Christmas Presents for Kids Who Love Water Play


Christmas is getting so close, I can almost hear Santa’s jingle bells coming!  In the spirit of Christmas, here are 10 gift ideas for children who already love the water or to help your child learn to love the water!

  1. Puddlejumper
  2. Bathtub crayons
  3. Water table
  4. Pouring cups
  5. Waterproof books
  6. Flippers
  7. Torpedos
  8. Foam letters/numbers
  9. Water beads
  10. Squirters

*As always, I want to keep your kiddos safe, so remember- all toys should be used for appropriate age and developmental stage, as well as supervised if needed for safety!

**The links connect to Amazon items, but these are not the BEST or ONLY options for each idea!  The links are just meant to give a visual!

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