Chanda Elkins, Administration

Chanda Elkins joins TheraSwim on the administration side of things with a BS in Business Administration. And loads of life skills that warped her into the person she is today. Chanda is passionate about the work we do at TheraSwim. She has had the opportunity to see firsthand how valuable water therapy can be. Chanda’s youngest son, Charlie, began seeing Dr. Susan Hunt after he graduated from early intervention.  At the age of 3 ½, Charlie was diagnosed with cancer. Aquatic therapy was Charlie’s saving grace for his neuropathy and overall achy body during treatment. She has become a huge fan and is willing to share her son’s story if it will help anyone else.

Chanda’s work history involves serving in the United States Army in the intelligence field, which provided her with strong leadership skills and a solid work ethic. Since separating from the Army, she has worked with numerous small businesses and the State of Colorado’s courts. In recent years she has been consumed as a caretaker for her youngest and learning to navigate the medical world one rare diagnosis after another.

There is not much off- time for Chanda as she has 16-year-old son and Charlie now 7. In her “free time” Chanda enjoys paddle boarding, reading, and researching various health questions. Chanda began a childhood cancer support group in Northern Colorado for other parents needing guidance. She recruited two co-facilitators, who are licensed therapists, to provide the support these parents need.

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